About Me

Together, let's shape the future of AI

I founded Mage Insights because I believe that AI should be intelligent, empathetic, ethical, and user-centred.

By integrating psychological expertise into the AI design process, we bring a human touch to the world of algorithms and data.

We design for transparency, fairness, and the prevention of potential biases and unintended consequences, aiming to ensure that AI enhances our human experiences.


Dr Helen Muncie

Our work process


Insightful Intelligence: we offer insights into human values, needs, behaviour, emotions and motivations, enabling the creation of AI products based on understanding people more deeply.


Empathetic Exploration: by stepping into your customer’s shoes we ensure that experiences with AI are designed with their needs in mind. 


Intuitive Interactions: we craft flexible, adaptable interactions that optimally combine human and machine intelligence.


Ethical Alignment: a psychologists ethical lens guides development and ensures products and services that promote fairness, transparency and responsible AI practices. 

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